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Dual Capacitor Product Selection

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TEMCo Dual Capacitor Specifications

Capacitance: 35/5, 40/5, 45/5, 50/5, 60/5, or 70/5 uf

Max Voltage: 370-440V

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Temperature Range: -40 to +85°C

Tolerance: +/-5%

Case Style: Round

No PCBs. Aluminium with steel cap construction. Four ¼" quadruple QCT terminals. UL and CUL listed, 1 year warranty.

What do you need to know when selecting a dual capacitor?

Capacitance - The capacitance of the replacement capacitor must match that of the original.

Voltage - The voltage rating on your dual capacitor must be equal to or exceed your system voltage.

Case style/form factor - Run capacitors come in either round or oval cans. A round dual capacitor can be used in place on an oval one, and vice versa. As long as your dual capacitor fits in the mounting space you have in your unit, the case style doesn’t matter.

Dual Capacitor Product Selection

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Round, 370-440 VAC

Capacitance (uf) 1 Piece 5 Lot 10 Lot 25 Lot 50 Lot 100 Lot
35/5 RC0102 » RC0103 » RC0104 » RC0105 » RC0106 » RC0107 »
40/5 RC0108 » RC0109 » RC0110 » RC0111 » RC0112 » RC0113 »
45/5 RC0114 RC0115 » RC0116 » RC0117 » RC0118 » RC0119 »
50/5 RC0120 RC0121 » RC0122 » RC0123 » RC0124 » RC0125 »
60/5 RC0126 » RC0127 » RC0128 » RC0129 » RC0130 » RC0131 »
70/5 RC0132 » RC0133 » RC0134 » RC0135 » RC0136 » RC0137 »


View our video below to see how to replace an HVAC capacitor in your air conditioning unit. For specific troubleshooting instructions, please view our AC capacitor troubleshooting guide.

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